Blister Balm may stain fabrics and leather. To prevent stains occurring, ensure shoes are stain protected and Blister Balm is moisturised deep into the skin to prevent excess leaking onto the shoe.


Blister Balm is made from all natural ingredients: Beeswax, Mango Butter and Isopropyl Myristate. Blending these products does not change the structure of the ingredients and remains natural.


If skin irritation occurs, remove product and cease use. Consult your practitioner as required.

blister balm use

Blister Balm is designed for spot applications on the toes, heels, in/outstep. It is not designed to relieve the pressure or soreness from standing on the balls/heels of your feet. Do not apply the product to an already formed/burst blister or broken skin. Best used on footwear without socks. Ensure your shoes are secure and Apply as often as required.