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How to Prevent a Blister

There’s nothing worse when you’re out with friends or on your way to work when – ouch – you get a foot blister.

Blisters are fluid-filled bubbles that develop on the upper layers of your skin when you are walking or running, they’re most commonly caused by friction from clothing or shoes rubbing against your skin.

But they’re not always caused directly by the shoe, they can be caused by the shape of your foot, the terrain of the environment which you are walking and your level of exertion.

Warm, moist environments are ideal for blister formation like the inside of you shoes. It is the sudden, brief, intense friction that’s most likely to cause a foot blister.

Blister Prevention is the best remediation and Blister Balm is the ideal item. To prevent blisters from new shoes, apply to the area’s of the feet which may get a blister; commonly the toes, heels, instep and outstep.

If you have are experiencing pain for chaffing with shoes, apply Blister Balm as soon as you can to soothe skin and prevent blisters from forming and then you can enjoy your day!