Blister Balm

Blister Balm is a natural balm designed to apply to areas of the feet that rub against shoes. The balm will protect your skin from chafing which causes soreness and blisters. It will nourish your skin soothing any areas of the foot providing relief.

Blister Preventative

Blister Balm works best as a preventative measure. Apply to areas of the feet as soon as or prior to skin sensitivity occurring from chafing with shoes.


For spot application to high-friction areas of the feet: toes, heels, in/outstep. Do not apply to broken skin. Work in Balm thoroughly and ensure shoes are secure.

Skin Relief

The emollient wax and butter will soothe your skin. Apply at the onset or prior to feet experiencing sore or burning sensation from chafing.

best practice

Avoid using band-aids or gel pads to prevent blisters. Blister Balm is safe and reliable way to ensure you can wear your shoes through-out the day.

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